At IBT Apps, we strive to create a better core partnership

Count on us to manage your technology, so you can focus on what you do best, community banking.

With IBT Apps' core partnership, you can expect:

  • Integrated, core banking software tailored to your bank
  • Full-featured, customer-centric products that are easy to use, secure, and accurate
  • Data center services that securely house information on your customers and transactions
  • Dynamic reporting functionality that gives you the insights to stay informed
  • Dedicated service and support from a provider that consistently puts your business' needs first

Get the products, tools, and support you need to run your business from a core provider you can trust. Fill out the form on this page so we can start discussing  your bank's goals!

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What makes IBT Apps different?


Our products are always evolving to match the pace of everchanging technology and industry demand, so you can count on constantly benefitting from a current and compliant system.


Our support team is the backbone of our company. As an IBT Apps’ client, you can depend on personalized training and ongoing education via webinars and online training sessions.


We allocate 500 hours of development per quarter to focus on developing the features our clients want and need. These features are then delivered to our entire client base for free.