Get the support your bank needs with the Banker Protection Program.

In times of uncertainty, you need to confide in your core. 

IBT Apps' new Banker Protection Program gives your bank the financial assistance it needs to upgrade its core technology.  

Fill out the form on this page to be considered for the program. After meeting* with our c-level team, if we mutually agree that this program is right for you, your bank receives:

  • A customized agreement that fits your "new normal" strategy
  • A complete virtual or in-person core technology conversion
  • Ongoing, responsive training and support post-conversion
  • All or partial technology fees waived up front**

We are unsure what the future holds, but we do know that in today's climate there's too much at risk to continue using an underperforming system. Let us partner with you and take on the challenges together.

*An assessment will be conducted to determine program qualification.
**Waivers will be determined based on contract terms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the BPP a loan?

The BPP is an incentive program that reduces the upfront cost of conversion and services associated with upgrading your core technology. Depending on your assessment results and which products and services you select, we collaborate on a payment structure and terms that works best for you.

Q2: Are there different contracts, terms, or limitations with purchasing a core system through the BPP?

There are no additional fees or service exemptions with the BPP. If your bank qualifies for the program, we discuss your core needs upfront and recommend the products and services that fit those needs, and mutually agree on a payment structure and contract terms.

Q3: How would I qualify for the BPP?

Each application for the BPP undergoes an assessment, which involves reviewing your bank’s asset size and looking at the deconversion costs with your current core provider, along with an in-depth discussion with our c-level team to discuss your needs. If for any reason, your bank does not qualify for the BPP, we still recommend a path forward for partnering with us.

Q4: How do I apply?

Fill out the short form on this page to be considered. We will be in contact after receiving your submission and begin the qualification process. 

Have more questions?

If you have additional questions and would prefer to speak with a team member, contact us at 512-616-1188 and we can help answer them.