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Whether it's been three years or 20 years with your core provider, you deserve to know if your core provider they're delivering the service that meets today's expectations. The IBT Apps core assessment does just that. Composed of 20 questions, this assessment identifies four distinct aspects of a core provider's business: technology, service, support, and delivery. You will go through a series of questions and answer as best as you can, as it applies to your bank. Upon completion, you will receive your score (or rather your core provider's score) along with recommendations via email. 



The assessment covers four key areas of a core provider's service meant to enable reflection and discussion amongst your bank's team.

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Each question is worth a certain amount of points that gets aggregated into a total score at the completion of the assessment. There are no bad scores, only room for improvement.

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Based on your score, you will be sent recommendations for improvement and next steps for getting the right core on your side. Your core may be doing a great job and we'll let you know if they are. 

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